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Creating Intelligent Teams – March 2020


CoReach KSA – Response Styles to Change in the Pandemic – May 2020


ICF Saudi Arabia – Moving Through Change – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – June 2020


The Impact Of Burnout In Healthcare – February 2021




Working With Global Time Spirits – CLICK TO LISTEN

Coaching Across Cultures In The C-Suite – CLICK TO LISTEN 

Cultural Learner VS Cultural Critic – CLICK TO LISTEN

Leading In A Multi-Cultural World – CLICK TO LISTEN

Intercultural Teams with Linda Berlot – CLICK TO LISTEN




Community Calls

ORSC Community Of Practice Call #1 – Creating From An Uncertain World – 19th March 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #2 – How To Use ORSC Virtually – 2nd April 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #3 – Leadership Mentality Resilience – 16th April 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #4 – Agile & ORSC, exploring the synergies – 30th April 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #5 – Surfing the Wave of Emotions in Change – 14th May 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #6 – How To Build Your Personal Brand Online – 11th June 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #7 – World Cafe – Life After COVID 19 – 25th June 2020 


ORSC Community Of Practice Call #9 – How To Thrive Post Covid – 6th August 2020 


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