Intercultural Intelligence & Diversity


We believe that curiosity builds bridges.

Inter cultural intelligence is the ability to have an honest look at your own culture, accurately map and effectively navigate the self – culture of others, and use this information to create a common ground where teams and win- win solutions can prosper.

The term self culture is used explicitly, because every intercultural exposure will change a person and makes him/ her feel less fit the stereotype of their national or corporate culture. ICI is an excellent tool to eliminate miscommunication rooted in cultural differences, built trust and start to build an appreciation of cultures other than one’s own.

Team Coaching is a framework which leverages the interdependent relationships among team members to support the collective potential of the team. The development of coaching skills in a team system accelerates its creativity, connection and performance leaving it with the edge needed to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

It helps equip leaders, teams and organizations with a mental model and mindset to access the raw potential in a team allowing its inherent intelligence and creativity to emerge.

One of the most powerful tools for reaching that potential is Curiosity. Curiosity trumps judgment, bias, blaming and a whole host of other negative behaviors.



Tackle These Team and Organizational Issues

  • Siloing
  • Tribalism
  • Knowledge Hoarding
  • Intolerance and viewing of difference as wrong (generational, cultural, work style or other)

Outcomes from Curiosity Builds Bridges Workshops

  • Build Empathy
  • Break Down Silos
  • Share Knowledge
  • Begin to Actively Seek Diversity and view it as an asset rather than as a challenge