About Us

Berlot Group - Executive Team Coaching in the Middle East


Coaching Teams. Changing Cultures


We are passionate about liberating the collective power, knowledge and potential in teams. We work with executive teams addressing intangible hurdles that exists, around trust, conflict, communication and inter-cultural issues, so that they may adopt a better, more collaborative and united way of working together. By creating alignment and focus on team dynamics, teams and organisations get on track and stay on track in fast moving environments.


Who We Are ?

Berlot Group provides professional and expert team coaching solutions to C-Suite leadership teams across the Middle East, and Internationally.

We coach teams to create alignment and we focus on their team dynamics and goals, so this may enable teams to get on track and stay on track in fast-moving environments.

What Do We Do ?

Our work is based in the belief that good relationships are at the base of healthy businesses and communities. Relationship Systems IntelligenceTM is a key component of a coaching, team focused culture and every one of our workshops and team coaching engagements focuses on increasing the Relationship Systems IntelligenceTM in the team and every team member in the team, so that teams may become more collaborative and achieve high performance.

Berlot Group is also an ICF accredited coach training school. We know coaching. And we know how to train others to use coaching skills whether they’re professional coaches or managers seeking a better way to work with their teams

What We Believe ?

We believe that when we partner with you – our client, in order to achieve the transformational results you seek, we must challenge the status quo and think outside the box. When coaching your teams, we will say what needs to be said – and sometimes challenge you, so that you get results. We will do this because we believe that teams achieve greatness only once barriers are broken – we will be fierce in our pursuit of your greatness. We believe that partnering with you means committing to achieving your results with heart and determination.

Our Company Values

Believe Anything Is Possible

We believe that every situation is workable and that the word No, is an opportunity to create another conversation. It is because of this belief and our can-do attitude, that we live with energy and passion

Play It Forward

Because gratitude lives at the core of our existence, it is important for us to share our experiences and give back to the world at large. We do this by creating environments and opportunities where dreams materialise

Genuinely Interested

We are genuinely interested in partnering with you and achieving your results. This means that we say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done, to get results. At the core of this is a deep passion for what we do, and a deep respect and rejoicing for the diversity that exists between us

Right Does Right

We believe in doing the right things and doing things right for the sake of being in conscious and intentional relationships

Our Brand Promise

We believe in creating conscious and intentional relationships. We commit to partnering with you and to guaranteeing that these brand promises will be at the heart of all our relationships

We Partner with YOU

We believe in creating long term relationships built on honesty and doing what it takes to be in right relationship with you

Measurable Results

We guarantee clear, measurable and quantifiable results

Magical Transformation

We guarantee that no team will remain unaffected by our team coaching, every team will experience magical shifts and results

Connecting Hearts

We guarantee that in every one of our sessions, teams will feel more connected and collaborative

Benchmark with Highest Global Standards

We adhere to the ethical practices and high standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and other professional coaching bodies

Selection of Our Clients Who Have Leveraged Our Approach

Our Strategic Partners