Berlot Group’s Support of Brest Friends

Brest Friends was established in 2005 by Dr Houriya Kazim, the UAE’s first female surgeon, with the mission to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer in the UAE.

Brest Friend’s mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer, funding screening programs, and offering support for breast cancer patients and their families by removing such barriers as limited or no health insurance, lack of transportation and childcare or language and cultural differences. Further, we aim to fund and facilitate research into breast cancer epidemiology in the region.

For the last 10 years, Brest Friends has run the only breast cancer support group in Dubai.  This is a support group for breast cancer patients and survivors, which meets once a month and has been successful in providing breast cancer patients and survivors with a nurturing and supportive environment since 2005.

Many women with breast cancer gain a lot of benefits from joining the support group. People in the support group can expect to both learn more about their cancer and get new ideas from others who have “been there, done that.” Cancer survivors help new patients know what to expect and what situations to avoid. Sometimes only the cancer survivor will have that perfect little “tip” that ends up making a big difference in how you get through the cancer experience.

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Our Team

Dr. Houriya Kazim


Dr Houriya Kazim has spent the past 17 years campaigning to eradicate breast cancer in her native country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After attending medical school in Ireland, the young doctor returned to the UAE to intern at a government hospital in Dubai. There, she began treating women with the most advanced breast cancer tumors she had ever seen – even in medical textbooks. Superstition, fear, lack of knowledge and, mainly modesty, prevented many Emirati women from seeking treatment from the country’s predominantly male medical establishment. In fact, at the time, there were no female surgeons in the UAE.

Linda Berlot

Vice President

Linda’s story serves as an inspiration to everyone; as a survivor she is living a fulfilling life working in the UAE as a team coach with big corporates. She is a tireless campaigner and provides help, support and information to breast cancer patients and survivors. She is also on the board, as vice chairperson of the non-profit charity organization, Brest Friends.

Brigitte Chemla


Brigitte Chemla is a French citizen who spent 10 years of her life dedicated to work in various charitable activities, most of them in India. Beside, helping physically the needy by making food to over for, she managed to help opening various hospitals and clinics in small villages as well as schools. 21,000 needy people every week end, she helped raising fund and along with the various charitable association she worked with and for, she managed to help opening various hospitals and clinics in small villages as well as schools. She was also involved during the Tsunami and help in several camps after this terrible event.

Dr. Melanie Schlatter


Dr Melanie Schlatter (PhD) is a Health Psychologist based at the Well Woman Clinic in Dubai; registered in New Zealand, and licensed by the DHA.
After completing an Honorary Research Fellowship in the area of psychoneuroimmunology, Melanie came to Dubai because she saw a great need for psychological support services in the community—not only for individuals affected by physical illness (such as cancer, pain, obesity, and diabetes), but also for healthy individuals, who are dealing with stress, anxiety and / or depression.Melanie has lived in Dubai for over nine years, and consults to various businesses and hospitals in the Emirates.