ORSC GCC Coach Training School

We are a CRRGlobal partner for the GCC.  We are licensed to deliver the ORSC core curriculum coach training courses in the region. CRRGlobal are the First coaching school accredited by the ICF to deliver team coaching as a coach training curriculum. CRRGlobal are the creators of the ORSC Coach Training Courses. We are an ACTP – which means that we deliver courses accredited by the ICF that will prepare our participants to become members of the ICF and professional coaching community.

ORSC is an ICF accredited coach training program.

Students who wish to become a coach can obtain either an ACC or PCC credential by completing the following ORSC Coach Training Series:

  • ORSC Fundamentals or Organization & Relationship Systems at Work
  • Intelligence: a Roadmap for Change
  • Geography: Roles & Structure
  • Path: Vision & Potential
  • Systems Integration: Moving toward Mastery
  • ORSC Certification

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Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP)

In order to be a licensed coach, students must have:

  • A minimum of 125 hours of coach-specific training
  • Training on all ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Code of Ethics
  • A minimum of 6 observed coaching sessions with an experienced coach
  • A comprehensive final exam that evaluates a student’s coaching competency

Certified graduates of ACTPs may apply for an ACC or PCC credential using the ACTP graduate application.

Students who complete some, but not all, of an ACTP may apply for a credential using the Portfolio application. The completed hours are considered ACSTH.

All portions of an ACTP are also pre-approved as CCEs for the purpose of renewing a credential.

Every graduate of our school is a world worker. It does not matter whether graduates do their work on the personal, local or global level. The inherent nature of our interdependence means all change ripples outward, touching everything. Our job is to provide our graduates with world-class tools and support to do their critical job.