Team Workshops


Engaging, Relevant and Cost Effective Solutions

All of our team workshops are created to increase the level of Relationship Systems IntelligenceTM of the members of the team while growing the collective level of emotional intelligence of the team or organization so that teams may work more collaboratively & may become more agile in fast changing environments.

Our offerings are a combination of training, facilitation and team coaching, so they’re engaging, relevant and cost effective. Individuals and teams are transformed by their experiences, and equipped to continue making progress once they’re back in their regular work environments.

We focus on both “how to be” and “what to do.”

Highly interactive, and tool-rich, every workshop provides research and theory to set the context, the introduction and training around a tool or process designed to help teams and organizations, followed by the opportunity to practice using those tools and processes in real-work situations. Bottom line? We coach teams and we train teams how to coach themselves.