R I S E is an initiative that focuses on delivering self-development workshops and programs that encourage women to regain confidence in their own bodies post severe illness or scaring.

This series of powerful programs is delivered several times a year in varied locations and are programmes that combine physical movement and the setting and achieving of physical goals, together with transformational coaching exercises to facilitate the process where women become empowered, re-claim their self-confidence and regain control over how they choose to face their destinies, so that they may live fierce and fearless lives, free of self-doubt.

The workshops are   “A Journey To Self  Discovery”  for each woman who chooses to participate, as they have been designed specifically for women who have survived a traumatic experience such as breast cancer and are experiencing a loss of self-confidence in their bodies as a result. This program will help each woman heal and will enable each woman to understand the impact of change and empower her to deal with this change by learning strategies to accept a new way of being in her body.

Over and above this, the program’s overarching objective is to empower each woman, to connect with her body so that she may re-emerge from the experience stronger and more powerful.


An overwhelming amount of breast cancer survivors, (88 percent) say the disease and its treatment has had a negative impact on the way they now feel about their bodies and 68 percent that it has affected their sexual and intimate relationships.

In a poll of more than 600 ladies, it was found that 72 percent said breast cancer had made them feel less confident about their body.  Many had experiences of lower self-esteem and a “loss of self” compared to how they felt before their diagnosis.

Most women felt they could not talk to their healthcare professional about the impact of breast cancer on their body and their self-image


Linda Berlot’s story serves as an inspiration to everyone; as a survivor, she lives a rich and fulfilling life in the UAE and is committed to ensuring that her fellow breast cancer survivors do the same. Linda is a successful entrepreneur who leads a coach training school and an international team coaching organization that coaches global leadership teams. She is a tireless campaigner for promoting awareness for the prevention of breast cancer and provides support and encouragement to breast cancer patients and survivors. She holds the position of Vice Chairperson on the board of Brest Friends a charity organisation in the UAE. Linda is a public speaker, a competitive dancer, loves adventurous sports, travel, and activities that allow her to live life fiercely and fearlessly.



To provide the most powerful programmes possible, R I S E creates  strong partnerships & strategic alliances with trusted service providers

J O L T Africa to bring you experiential workshops delivered throughout Africa. These will focus on physical movement, achieving of physical goals and working through trauma and will all be set in breathtaking African surroundings guaranteed to heal your mind, body, and soul.

The next upcoming workshop is a 7-day program, combines a transformational experiential workshop along with a Walking Camel Safari in Northern Kenya to create a powerful life-changing experience for all women who attend. The Samburu Camel Walking Safari is a unique walking adventure in the un-spoilt and undiscovered Matthews and Ndoto Mountains of Northern Kenya.

Details about the Northern Kenya Journey To Self Discovery workshop can be found in the attached flyers: Kenya Journey to Self Discovery Information Flyer & Journey To Self Discovery – Kenya Itinerary



JOLT is an Africa-focused company specialising in women-only adventure travel. Our skill is to give women travelers a chance to experience Africa in a way that is safe yet exciting and unforgettable. Our aim is to offer women an opportunity to enjoy the personal reward, building of confidence and satisfaction of experiencing something challenging and a bit outside their comfort zone. With no previous experience or special training needed, anyone can enjoy our trips- all you need is an open mind and adventurous spirit. You will be in the company of other fun loving and adventurous women also looking to experience a journey of a lifetime in Africa.



Born and raised in Africa, Tonya is an experienced and passionate guide to people who wish to experience Africa to its fullest.

From canoeing across Rift Valley lakes to intrepid overland journeys, Tonya has accumulated a lifetime of adventures in Africa. With years of experience in the travel industry, she has perfected the art of meticulous safari itineraries. She has a deep love of Africa, its peoples, and wildlife. From her home base in Victoria Falls, she divides her time between her family, operating and guiding her company JOLT Africa, and active involvement in anti-poaching. Tonya’s passion is accompanying her guests every step of the way, assisting, guiding and inspiring them to make the most of their own African odyssey.


  • Northern Kenya WaIkinf Safari
  • You can find out our other workshops HERE


It is our mission to give back to our community & support & empower women wherever they may need it. We do this by volunteering our time in the following ways :

Speaking Engagements

  • To raise awareness for prevention of Breast Cancer
  • Corporate empowerment presentations for women
  • Leadership from within presentations at Leadership Conferences


Support Group Meetings

  • Corporate in-house support group meetings for patients & survivors
  • Corporate facilitated group discussions for survivors, patients and anyone wanting to provide support



  • International outward bound transformational programs for survivors
  • Transformational workshops for survivors and/or women impacted by trauma