Marco Blankenburgh is the founder and director of KnowledgeWorkx a company based in the UAE and committed to Organizational Development. He is a true international citizen having lived in 6 countries and worked in over 60 countries on all continents. Marco’s ability to converse in Arabic, German, English and Dutch together with the creation and development of a unique consulting methodology, sets him apart from other consultants in this competitive field. Marco holds a degree in International Business and Strategic Marketing Management.

Marco has become an expert in understanding the relationship building process among people and and uses ICI (Inter Cultural Intelligence) to underpin his work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership development and coaching.

He is a certified Behavioural Consultant and an expert in understanding the relationship building like Everything DISC, team dimensions and time mastery to assist him in leadership development, changing consulting and strategic coaching. He is also certified on the IES (Intercultural Effectiveness Scale) and GCI (Global Competency Inventory) assessments developed by the Kozai Group.

Marco’s approach revolves around 3 keywords, ENCOURAGE, EQUIP and RELEASE. This philosophy has taken both individuals and their organizations to levels of success they would not have otherwise achieved on their own.